Shipping Tube




  • Item #: IFMERCH_0248
  • Product Type: Poster
  • Description: Item 0248

    Shipping tube or Flat Box.

    If purchased, this tube will be used to ship your free Beyond Creation poster, during the present promotion, buy one shirt, get one poster.

    ‘’Poster randomly selected. If multiple T-Shirts are purchased, at least one poster of each album will be added to your order. Poster comes folded unless a poster tube is purchased, shipping rates apply. All T-Shirt designs eligible. Includes Girly Shirts and Tank Tops.’'

    In the event, if you purchase a Hoodie, ZipUp Hoodie or CD's, we will use a flat box type to include your poster to prevent it from being folded in 2.

    NOTE, adding the poster tube to your order will increase the actual parcel weight and may, in some case increase your shipping fees.

    Canada Post is also adding a supplement handling charge for poster shipments evaluated at an extra $2.00CAD
During the present poster promotion, anyone who will buy this extra item (shipping tube or flat box) will not have his poster folded in 2.
All client who will not buy this shipping tube, will have his poster folded in 2, and shipped with his purchased item.

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